Mariusz Banasiak – BOSS OF LONDON TELEVISION  I come from Wloclawek but for 16 years I have lived in London where I run my own business in the form of an electric company called 5 Stars Home Ltd.

I professionally deal with installation, assembly and programming of smart home systems, AV systems and television systems. On my way of life, there is no one who could become my wife as well as the mother of my children.

From December 2018, I’m the boss of  London Television

Agnes Lukas. At work she is a responsible person and she is able to devote a lot of time to bring things to the end. She is resistant to stress and very patient, helps the weaker and the unfortunate has many successes. She is a woman who follows principles and is very consistent.

Michal Skowronski born in 1986 in Gdansk Poland. From 2012 lives in UK.

I am electrician-automatic I have also experience is security systems and CCTV My passion is electronics and home cinema systems I can even build speakers myself I am responsible and can work under pressure

I can sacrifice a lot to finish my project I am willing to take risks and implement new ideas Vert often I have to invest in project a lot of time money and work but it’s worth it I can create something what is not only valuable and useful but also innovative

Daniel Wrocławek – the founder of the international network of Regional Television. In his work concrete project is the concrete goal – as a main point.

Thanks to his multitask-oriented attitudes, he is able to sacrifice a lot of time to bring the plan to maximum – realize and also – create a new quality. He can work even under a big pressure; he’s really stress – resistant and does not feel sorry for himself:  does not become self-aware.

He has enough courage to take risks and implement ideas that others have not even dreamed of.
He often has to invest a lot of time, work and money in the project, but usually it pays off, because he can create something that is not only valuable and useful, but also innovative.

The best example of his work is the Regional Television Group, which from year to year increases its ranges around the world. In addition to having a television, Daniel Wrocławek is a founder of 2 charity foundations, the Media Polskie association and the “father” of the success of many people from the entertainment and business