Duration: 5 -15 minutes.

It is a program in which we show how London is party at night. Clubbing at its best. We visit entertainment venues in the city. We talk with DJs, artists and people having fun there. In each episode we are also guests at one of the London house-party. Every episode creates the opportunity to win tickets.


“FIRMOteka” !!! AWARDS !!!
Duration: 10-15 minutes.

In each episode we present one of London’s companies. We tell the story of that, what it does, and present employees and plans for the future. The program is a kind of local business promotion. The viewer, in addition to interesting facts about a given company, can win prizes funded by it in almost every episode.


“GASTROmaniak” !!! AWARDS !!!
Duration: 10-15 minutes.

In each episode we present one of the London companies operating in the catering industry. We tell their story, show how does it work, talk to employees. The program aims to provide the audience with local catering companies. Almost in every episode, the viewer can win a prize funded by a given company.


Duration: 10-15 minutes.

The program presents London institutions related to broadly understood education. We will visit nurseries, kindergartens, schools, universities, institutions and companies offering courses. In each episode we present one of them. We show the functioning of the institution, how it prepares its students to the profession, we talk with the most important people in the school also with students and graduates. One of the objectives of the program is to help in choosing the path of education.


Duration: 10-25 minutes.

We show special reports on attractive events or reports on interesting matters.


Duration: 10 min.

In each episode we present the figure of a well-known designer. In special episodes we also present a reportage of fashion events and fashion sessions.


Duration: 10-30 minutes.

A program that touches the problems of London residents. Together with the journalists of the London newspaper, we look at the situations related to the everyday life of the Londoners. We are trying to answer a number of difficult questions.


Duration: 15 – 30 minutes.

A series in which new products on the market of aesthetic medicine, dentistry, dietetics, cosmetics are presented – as well as advice and statements on topics of interest to patients. In each episode, one of the women becaming a complete metamorphosis – from plastic surgery to beauty treatments.


„COOLtural London”/”COOLturalny Londyn”
Duration: 15 minutes,

In this program, Television London shows the most interesting cultural events happening in London. We host in museums, at film and theater premieres and in many other COOLtural places.


Duration: 5 – 10 minutes

We host interesting photographic sessions and music video plans of both known people and those less known. We show the work of teams implementing a given project.


Duration: 10 – 15 minutes.

The program presents silhouettes of beginning musicians. We meet with the guests of the episode in various places in London, where we talk about them, their music, plans, dreams and achievements.


Duration: 15 minutes.

In the program, an experienced stylist shows how to dress. In each episode, we dress one person, tell her story. The highlight of each episode is a professional photo session of the hero in a perfectly prepared stylization, make-up and hairstyle. Episodes can be used to win prizes sponsored by.