We offer you the opportunity to successfully promote your company in London Television. We offer the possibility of advertising in the form of production 15 sec., 30 sec. or minute spots (company presentation), as well as the broadcast of the entire program presenting your company – 10 to 15 minutes at very attractive prices.

The effectiveness of VIDEO advertising is incomparably more effective than traditional forms of advertising, and research has proven that presenting the company in the form of a short reportage about it is a better solution than traditional spots (which are intended to promote a given product or logo).

The main advertising modules that are also programs that locate a product or brand are:
• FIRMOteka
• GASTROmaniak
• Good School
• PSTW Special Program of Television Warsaw
• advertising banner on the websites of the London Television (and others from the Regional Television group)

There is also the possibility of advertising on other media (station cars, station roll – up`s, outerwear of station crews etc) – in this case everything is determined individually.

We invite event and PR agencies for cooperation in the field of reportage and events live broadcast. We set a detailed offer individually.

London TV is producing on commission. We produce:

• advertising spots
• Music videos
• conference reports
• TV programs

We invite you for cooperate with the above-mentioned features of the London Television. In case of interest we will send you a detailed offer.
We are also open to any cooperation offer not described above.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: