Create a better future today – the world’s first franchise television.

Have you always dreamed about being the owner of a large company? Do you want to have an impact on hundreds of thousands of people and build a completely different future with them? Invest in a franchise television – a business that is already really publicity-loud.

A new form of franchise

If you have associated the franchise so far only with fast-food and cafes, it’s time to look at it from a completely different perspective. Daniel Wrocławek, a private entrepreneur and businessman, also well-known Polish artist, created from scratch an innovative idea of a franchise television network. In a short time, this product was appreciated by the Jury of the biggest plebiscites in the country.

Daniel Wrocławek was awarded Diamond Award “Discoveries of the Year”, won in the “Discovery of the Year 2016” plebiscite, statuette “Personality of the Year 2016”, statuette “Success of the Year”, “Business Leader 2017”, “Luxury Brand of the Year” and “Polish Exlusive”.

About the franchise business was wrote in „The Times Poland”, „Businessman Today”, „Law Business Quality” and many other magazines.

Television business

Franchise television is a network operating under the name of Regional Television. Through that tv-network , you can report to your viewers the latest information from the world of culture and entertainment, dealing with topics that really interest the statistical viewer in your region.

All you need is just £ 25,000 to start your business, so that after just three months enjoy the guaranteed return on your capital. The condition is only to comply with the assumed business format.


You do not have experience in the media industry? No problem! Strictly defined principles of operation, professional training at every stage of activity and development, hardware, technical and substantive support – everything that is offered within the framework of cooperation. By opening your own franchise television, you become part of a huge group of Regional TVs, which have branches in Poland and abroad! We are constantly opening new editorial offices, consistently increasing the range.


The greatest benefit of having Internet TV channels is the ability to reach a specific place – a smaller or larger city, or even a village, with simultaneous access for people from all over the world. This is an absolute sensation when it comes to regional televisions and the real future of television. It should also be emphasized that Mr. Daniel Wrocławek, the founder of the Regional Television network, undertook activities aimed at producing and export serial formats for all of his network.


Work on shaping the final functioning system of our television took almost 7 years. The offered final product, which is its own regional franchise television, is the result of cooperation of hundreds of employees – technicians, journalists or specialists in the field of media management.

We guarantee full support for each investor, so that after a few months each of them can move freely and – above all – independently in the media world, managing thair own business exactly as the founders of the largest stations in Poland.

Make your dreams come true today, creating the television of the future. If you are interested in, please write: